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Where’s the recession?

November 1, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

When Mitt Romney spoke at that private fundraiser and said 47 percent pay no federal income tax, and those people he perceived as "victims" need to take personal responsibility for their lives; it was the "Real" Mitt Romney speaking to the choir from his heart. He lumped all of us 47 percenters together and wrote us all off as "irresponsible freeloaders." That's a personal attack; what does he think he is, a god? This must be the way some wealthy people lump certain segments of our society together and why they paid $50,000 a plate to hear it from their candidate. He didn't let them down.

The "Politician" Mitt Romney said he will stop borrowing from China. How can he build new ships for the navy without borrowing money from China or raising taxes on the rich? He'll have to cut middle and low income people's government funded programs and raise their taxes by cutting all their deductions. The "Real" Mitt Romney said he will would cut all the tax loopholes and programs like PBS, (Big Bird and Muppets). If you thought he was talking about cutting loopholes for the rich, you need to pay more attention to his actions and what is coming out of the man's mouth when he's speaking to the choir. He and most of his Republican legislators signed a pledge not to raise taxes on the wealthy.

What does "Revenue Neutral" mean when Republicans are talking about taxes? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

Just a thought; where is the recession? I haven't seen so much traffic in years as was this summer. There were many mobile homes pulling vehicles behind, camper trailers, big boats, big trailers with several side-by-sides on them and many four wheelers. Watching sports on TV, they're all packed with fans. Those tickets, hot dogs and beer don't come cheap. All this stuff is entertainment and very expensive; where is the tightening of the belt?

Highway construction, building new businesses and remodeling old historic buildings seemed to be going well last summer. The stock market is doing great. Where's the recession?

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