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Proposition 2 a slippery slope

November 2, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

Proposition 2, if passed, would amend our state Constitution, from this point forward, to allow leaders of government unions to overrule legislation passed by our state and local representatives, who have been elected by us. This proposal needs to be rejected.

By now, we all have heard about the negative consequences of messing with our Constitution in this manner; the enormous cost to us taxpayers, the changing of an estimated 170 current laws, the unknown effect it would have on our schools and police force, among others.

But what really struck me as a voter is that I resent a special interest group, whomever they may be, that wants to take away the value of my vote.

Here is what I mean. We have a democratic process in place. "We the people" choose who we want to represent us each election time, based on each candidate's stance on issues. Then it is their job to represent us and legislate. If they are not doing the job we want, we can vote them out.

Within that democratic process, special interest groups have the right to lawfully influence voters prior to any election; but that's where it should stop. Then allow the electorate the freedom to decide whom, and what platforms, they want to vote into office.

However, Proposition 2 would change our state Constitution to effectively take away that freedom in future elections, for the benefit of one special interest group.

This Proposition 2 would be a slippery slope to start down, as would Propositions 3 and 4. Who will be the next special interest group that wants to override our Constitution and thwart voters' future wishes? That's why Proposition 2 needs to be rejected with a no vote.





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