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Not Obama’s fault

November 3, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

We all agree that the economy is not good, but that is emphatically not President Barack Obama's fault. On the contrary, he has dealt with the problem wisely and well. If the Republicans had not deliberately obstructed his plans, the economy would be much better. Just imagine: The Republican leadership said their primary objective was not to create jobs, not to reduce the debt, not to improve health care and education, not to work for peace in the Middle East. No, their primary objective, in their own words, was to ensure that Obama was a one-term president. Such obstructionism, such disregard for the welfare of the country, should not be rewarded.

When Obama took office, the economy was in free fall. The financial meltdown and housing collapse had just happened, and the economy lost more than 2 million jobs in George W. Bush's last year, and the national debt was being fed by a war of choice. In my opinion, Obama made impressive efforts to set the country back on course. He finished the Iraq war and killed bin Laden. He has presided over an improving economy. He tackled the health care mess. Nobody could have done better under such dire conditions.

Romney gives us hollow platitudes and empty promises. He says he will eliminate tax loopholes, with no details about what that means, and will eliminate deductions including the home mortgage deduction. Why vote for a person who not only might take away a benefit, but actually promises to do so? Why vote for a person who shows such disregard for the majority of Americans?

The Daily Mining Gazette's endorsement of Romney is a disappointment and I think is contrary to the best interests of its readers. It's bizarre; so many Romney supporters would actually be harmed by the economic and social policies of a Romney presidency, yet the newspaper encourages them to vote for him.

The presidency is a big, complicated job, and I give Obama huge credit for the recovery to date, for wisdom in setting policy, and for effectively restoring America's position in the world. I urge your readers to support the more deserving candidate, Barack Obama.

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Peter Van Pelt




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