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Skeptics deceiving people about the Bible

November 19, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

Everybody "knows" that the forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was an apple. However, the apple is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

The one exception is a mistranslation in some versions of the Bible where "apple of the eye" is part of the one sentence in the Old Testament. The correct translation is "core of the eye" but it has nothing to do with apple cores.

I mentioned that because of this false statement about the Bible in a letter in the Nov. 6 Daily Mining Gazette: "Galileo with his telescope proves the Christian Bible doesn't always tell the truth." No explanation was given to support the outrageous claim.

In 1633, Italian astronomer Galileo was forced by the Inquisition to recant his belief in the Copernican theory that the earth orbited the sun. (Polish scholar Nicolaus Copernicus publicized his theory i n 1543). It contradicted church doctrine at that time.

As with the apple supposed being the forbidden fruit in Eden, nowhere in the Bible does it say that the sun revolves around the earth. Just because church officials made that false claim in the 17th century doesn't mean that it was based on teachings found in the Bible.

There are too many skeptics deceiving people about the Bible and what it teaches. Their skepticism is based on misconceptions, not facts.





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