Ski and Snowmobile Trail Report

Most snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are in spring condition. The edges on the trails are soft, please use caution. Trail 122 has several flooded areas and will be closed for the rest of the season. The west and east Lac La Belle Loops (132) will not be groomed, due to some icy stretches on hills that have made it unsafe to operate a groomer on. Those trails are still open to snowmobile traffic. As the season works towards a close, the grooming operations will be adjusted on a daily basis to accommodate the safety of our groomer operators, so riders should expect varying conditions on the trails.

Trail 120 and 121 that goes around Freda is closed for the season and will not be reopened, as well as Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden. You can still get to Dollar Bay by way of Hancock and to Lake Linden by way of Calumet. Trail 133 is closed for the season for logging.

Please stay on the trails, STAY OFF THE ICE, respect private property, do not drink and drive, and above all else, drive safely. The signs on the trails are there for rider’s safety so please DO NOT remove or destroy them.

Snowfall & Weather:

Snowfall in the Keweenaw Peninsula: No new snow with 34 inches of snow on the ground, 262 inches have fallen to date as of 3/27/2019.

Today’s forecast: Cloudy, high 37, low 24

Friday’s forecast: Cloudy, high 35, low 22

Saturday’s forecast: Cloudy, high 26 low 20

Sunday’s forecast: Mostly sunny, high 34, low 24

Monday’s forecast: Cloudy, high 41, low 33

Cross Country Skiing Report:

Swedetown –No grooming today. (3/25/19)

Michigan Tech – Trails groomed nightly when conditions allow. (3/25/19)

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – Churning Rapids tracked Tuesday evening. No grooming for the next couple days while overnight temps are above freezing. Very good spring conditions. (3/27/19)

Copper Harbor – All trails are open, but grooming has been suspended until further notice. (3/12/19)

Chassell – Grooming has ended for the season. (3/18/19)

Eagle Harbor – All trails packed, tracked, and in spring like condition. Grooming is limited. (3/15/19)

McLain – Trails are not groomed, in fair condition. (3/18/19)

Twin Lakes – Grooming suspended for the season, spring like conditions. (3/25/19)

Churning Rapids Snow Bike: Trails partially groomed Wed. evening. Trails not groomed should still be good when it freezes. Riding should be good Thurs. morning, maybe all-day Fr. and Sat. morning (3/20/19)

Downhill Skiing Report:

Mount Ripley – Open on Fri., Sat. & Sun. Packed and groomed, 22 trails, up to 82-inch base, 3 chair lifts. (3/26/19)

Mount Bohemia – Excellent spring like conditions found all over the mountain. All runs are open besides the large cliff drop in the backcountry. (3/21/19)