Ski and Snowmobile Trail Report

Snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are open and in fair to good condition. Groomers are out.

Snowmobile trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are open and in fair to good condition groomers are out.

Remember when you’re out on the trails to watch out for the groomers. They have the right away.

The Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau asks that you stay on the trails, STAY OFF THE ICE, respect private property, do not drink and drive, and above all else, drive safely. The signs on the trail are there for riders’ safety so please DO Not remove or destroy them.

Snowfall & Weather:

Snow fall in the Keweenaw Peninsula – No new snow with 37 inches of snow on the ground, 246 inches have fallen to date as of 3/2/2018.

Today’s forecast: Partly cloudy, with a 20% chance of snow, high 27, low 21

Tomorrow’s forecast: Snow showers with a 40% chance of snow high 24, low 16

Wednesday: Snow showers with a 50% chance of snow, high 23, low 20

Thursday: Cloudy with a 20% chance of snow, high 26, low 21

Friday: Partly cloudy with a 10% chance of rain, snow and wind, high 28, low 19

Cross Country Skiing Report:

Swedetown – Trails are in fantastic condition. Expect fast, firm trails, stay hydrated. (3/3/18)

Michigan Tech – To keep trails in good condition the grooming is being kept to a minimum until cooler temperatures arrive. (3/2/18)

Chassell – Grooming has been suspended until new snow arrives. (3/4/18)

Eagle Harbor: Grooming has stopped due to mechanical problems, snow covered and in good condition. (2/26/18)

Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – Grooming has stopped and will resume once new snow arrives, good spring like conditions. (3/4/18)

Copper Harbor – Groomed, and in good condition. (3/2/18)

McLain State Park – Iced over and in fair condition. (3/5/18)

Twin Lakes State Park – No new snow, hard and fast conditions. (3/5/18)

Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trail – Trails groomed and in excellent to good, spring like condition. (3/5/18)

MTU Snow Bike Trail – Groomed daily as needed. (3/2/18)

Downhill Skiing Report:

Mount Ripley – Is open with 25 runs, 3 lifts, and up to 62” base. Packed & groomed. (2/27/18)

Mount Bohemia – Beautiful day with nice temps. 100 runs and over 640 acres of terrain open. (2/28/18)

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