Houghton/Hancock ski 2nd to MQT at Powderhorn

Houghton-Hancock's Miren Unciti races through the slalom course at the Theron Peterson Memorial high school ski event at Powderhorn in Ironwood Township Thursday. (Jason Juno/Daily Globe (Ironwood))

IRONWOOD — The Hancock/ Houghton girls ski team was defeated by Marquette 31-43 in the Theron Peterson Memorial Race on Thursday at Powderhorn in Ironwood.

Ally Fenton finished first in the GS in 1:01.07 and fourth in the Slalom in a time of 1:21.34. Katherine Jarvis was fifth in the Slalom, finishing in 1:23.03, and Miren Unciti was sixth in 1:23.83. Jarvis finished third in the GS with a time of 1:02.31, and Unciti was sixth at 1:04.24.

Lydia Salmi’s time of 1:26.64 put her at eighth in the Slalom. She finished 11th in the GS at 1:06.73.

Shelly Chu was 13th in the Slalom in a time of 1:34.34 and 10th in the GS, finishing in 1:07.70.

Rachel Sears was 15th in the Slalom (1:38.57), Isabelle Cleary was 16th (1:38.93) and Maddie Williston finished 17th (1:47.65). In the GS Sears was 12th (1:09.26), Cleary was 16th (1:11.86) and Williston was 18th (1:15.76).