Sooner or later, you see it all

Some years ago I had the chance to interview a man from Finland who was on his second trip around the globe on a bicycle.

Now, this was a perilous trip that took him through jungles and mountains. Of course, I had to ask him why he was doing such a difficult thing during a stop at Suomi College.

“I see something different every day,” he replied. “How often can a person say that?”

I thought about his reasoning for a while and could eventually see his point.

In the some 47 years I’ve been covering local sports, I’ve come to appreciate that concept more than once.

Just this past Saturday I saw something I hadn’t seen before at the Bay-Finlandia men’s basketball game: a game that had to be switched to a different gym on the day of the game.

I’ve seen games switched to different sites before. When L’Anse hosted a playoff football game a few years ago versus Lake Linden-Hubbell, it had to loan the Baraga High field for the game.

The Hornets home field, old Meadowbrook Field, had been flooded out a week before and was unplayable.

I recall a softball tournament in Alston back in the day where the same thing happened. Tourney officials shifted a couple of games to Tapiola so the field could be worked out and resumed.

But the situation at Finlandia was unique because electrical problems made the scoreboard inoperable.

Rather than cancel the game, quick-thinking led Finlandia officials to call Michigan Tech to see if the Student Development Complex Wood Gym was available.

It was because the Huskies were just completing a doubleheader against Purdue Northwest and Tech officials cooperated. Even the concession stands were open.

Not only did both teams pack up and move across the bridge, the three officials in the game, Kevin Patana, Victor Harrington and Adam Karki, also made the switch.

“That’s the first I’ve had to switch gyms on the same day,” Chassell native Harrington said. “But it worked out.”

As I said, if you stay in any business long enough, you’re going to see it all.