Appleton takes recent Wisconsin Guts Tournament

In the 2018 Wisconsin Guts Frisbee tournament over the weekend, a familiar set of faces emerged as champions in the Neenah, Wisconsin, competition. The Appleton Assassins took home the title with Alex Tews winning Most Valuable Player honors.

The Assassins won the winner bracket to qualify for the finals. There they faced Heros, the team that beat ShottleBop, last year’s champion, whom the Assassins defeated in straight sets.

ShottleBop fell to Heros, 21-18, in their match. The locals finished third.

Heros is a team made up of players from Marquette, Illinois, Lansing, and Wisconsin.

The next Guts Frisbee tournament will be the 61st Annual Coca-Cola International Frisbee Tournament July 7-8 at Agassiz Field in Calumet.


Dennis Walikainen has stepped down from International Frisbee Inc. as tournament director and as curator of the International Frisbee Hall of Fame. Walikainen has spent a lifetime loving the frisbee game of Guts. He has given as much back as he has gotten from it.