Your public education

Education has been a major issue in the 2014 Michigan gubernatorial election. As the son of a public school teacher and administrator and an alumnus of the state-supported Central Michigan University, I am an advocate of the value of public education.

In fact, thanks to public education, I was able to spell ‘gubernatorial’ without looking it up and correctly use it in a sentence.

And now, it’s time to pass the value of public education on to you.

It’s time for the annual DMG Sports Reader Quiz. The answers to each of the following 15 multiple choice questions have appeared in this sports section during the month of October.

1. What individual scored the most points in the Copper Bowl this season? A. Ben Collaer (Houghton), B. Sam Collaer (Houghton), C. Thomas Schmidt (Houghton), D. Chase Anderson (Hancock).

2. Calumet faces a 408-mile trip to Harrison for the first round of the MHSAA football playoffs Saturday. Which opponent from even farther away did the Kings play in a neutral-site game in 1993? A. Fruitport, B. Whitehall, C. Clare, D. Boyne City.

3. What is Michigan Tech defenseman Shane Hanna’s hometown? A. Trail, B.C., B. Salmon Arm, B.C., C. White Rock, B.C., D. Flin Flon, Manitoba

4. Which of the following Michigan Tech football players did not cross the goal line for a touchdown in the first half of the Huskies’ 35-14 win over Grand Valley State? A. Andrew Clark, B. Charlie Leffingwell, C. Tyler Scarlett, D. Brandon Cowie.

5. Who was the highest finisher in all divisions from a local school at this year’s U.P. cross country finals? A. Lela Rautiola, Chassell, B. Jacob Colling, Houghton, C. Leah Kiilunen, Calumet, D. David Jaszczak, Houghton.

6. Who had 33 digs in five sets in the Copper Spike match for Hancock? A. Amanda Manninen, B. Katelyn Anderson, C. Shannon Anderson, D. Nicole Anderson.

7. For which NAHL team is Calumet alum Jesse Junttila playing this season? A. Odessa Jackalopes, B. Springfield Jr. Blues, C. Coulee Region Chill, D. Soo Eagles.

8. For what charitable cause were Calumet and L’Anse’s volleyball teams raising money at their match in Calumet? A. Breast cancer, B. Childhood cancer, C. Disabled veterans, D. Birth defects

9. Which school won a U.P. cross country championship in 2009 without a runner finishing better than 10th? A. Jeffers, B. Chassell, C. Dollar Bay, D. Republic-Michigamme.

10. Which school was Gwinn playing the night I made my public address announcing debut? A. Negaunee, B. Ishpeming, C. Escanaba, D. Gladstone.

11. Which of the following U.P. schools did not make this year’s MHSAA football playoffs? A. Kingsford, B. Negaunee, C. Iron Mountain, D. Newberry.

12. Which of the following U.P. teams is playing its first MHSAA playoff game on Saturday in the Superior Dome? A. Menominee, B. Negaunee, C. North Dickinson, D. Marquette.

13. What was the only non-local team to reach the semifinals of the Houghton Invitational volleyball tournament? A. Gladstone, B. Marquette, C. Kingsford, D. Forest Park.

14. Calumet athletic director Sean Jacques was recently elected to be one of how many members of the MHSAA Representative Council? A. 10, B. 15. C. 19, D. 21

15. What was the previous record for points scored by the winning team in a Copper Bowl? A. 42, B. 45, C. 53, D. 56.

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Answers: 1. C, 2. B, 3. B, 4. D, 5. D, 6. D, 7. A, 8. B, 9. A, 10. C, 11. A, 12. D, 13. B, 14. C, 15. C.