MLB moves well ahead of NFL

If there was any question that the National Football League has encountered a drop in its television ratings, that was solidly proven the past few weeks.

A number of people are turning away from pro football for a number of reasons. It’s been pointed out the Colin Kaepernick stance of refusing to stand for the National Anthem is one reason.

But the truth is that league officials are the main reason for the drop in their game’s popularity.

Unlike baseball, football has strayed away from the things that made it so popular with fans.

In recent years, the league has made many rule changes that have set it back.

Take the change in kickoff returns as an example. By moving the kickoff spot five yards closer, it has all but eliminated long returns.

What true football fan wants to see the kicker send the ball into the stands or way beyond the reasonable spot for a return?

And what about all the rule changes that have led to penalty flags flying faster than leaves on a windy October day in Copper Harbor.

Just this past Sunday, the Oakland Raiders were called for a league record 20 penalties in a game versus Tampa Bay.

The NFL still has egg all over its face in the ludicrous Tom Brady “Deflate Gate” episode. Anyone who knows anything at all about football is aware that Brady didn’t need any edge to win a 45-7 game.

Speaking of Brady and the New England Patriots, they’re already a heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Parity has resulted into a large group of mediocre teams all over the league – a group of teams that seem mired at 8-8 or 7-9.

Baseball, with the exception of the designated hitter and a couple of replays per game, remains the same game most of us grew up playing and watching.

As illustrated in the current World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, baseball is still about executing the fundamentals.

The team that pitches, hits and fields the best is going to be the winner. That’s why ratings are up by 30 percent for this WS.

NFL games, all too often nowadays, are decided by the judgement of an official, who may or may not be correct.

And that is not sports fans want to see when they tune into their TV or cell phone.