CopperDog seeks volunteers for key leadership positions

Kurt Hauglie/Daily Mining Gazette file photos CopperDog 150 dog sled race officials and law enforcement personnel confer before the start of the race in March. The event needs three leadership positions filled soon.

CALUMET — The CopperDog dog sled race has a steady six-member board of directors and is doing well financially, but there is a need to fill three recently vacated leadership positions, according to Brad King.

King, who is chairman of the CopperDog board, said the three leadership positions recently became open because the people who filled them had to move on for other responsibilities.

“We lost three key leaders,” he said. “We (have) to get those filled by fall.”

As with all positions in the CopperDog race organization, King said the three open positions are volunteer.

“The entire CopperDog is volunteer from top to bottom,” he said. “Nobody gets paid, including the board of directors.”

One of the open positions is race director, whose responsibility involves more than the 80-mile and 150-mile races, King said.

“We’re known as a race, but we’re really a big event,” he said.

Besides the race, there are other events which take place during the three days of the race.

The race director is responsible for monitoring the trails, making certain the timing is done correctly and the rules are followed, works with the veterinarians and mushers and oversees the safety of the events. The race director also works with land owners along the race route to get permission to use their properties where the trail passes over them.

King said the race director position doesn’t require a knowledge of dog racing.

“It’s somebody who has good organizational skills,” he said.

The approximate workload for this position is five hours per month in June and August, 20 hours per month from September to December, and 40 hours per month in January and February, plus the race weekend at the beginning of March.

Another open position is for the information technology (IT) manager, which King said is vital for all of the CopperDog events.

The former CopperDog IT manager, Todd Brassard, created an excellent IT system, but King said the new IT manager can either continue to use that system or create an entirely new one.

“We need to put IT in place by fall,” he said.

The approximate workload for the IT position is to be determined. If a new system is implemented, this work must be completed prior to December.

King said also needed is a marketing lead person, who will be responsible for getting information about the events to radio, television, print and social media.

“We need somebody to organize that effort,” he said.

The marketing lead person will write copy, make posters about the CopperDog and put information on social networking sites.

“We’re looking for somebody with a creative vision and will take it and run,” he said.

The approximate workload for this position is 10 hours per month from October to December, and 20 hours per month in January and February.

King said the CopperDog is doing well. It has many volunteers who help out during race weekend, and business sponsorship is regular, with the race receiving $85,000 every year.

“By every measure, the race is incredibly successful,” he said. “Financially, we’re very strong,” he said.

King said descriptions of the positions and how to apply will be soon be posted online at