New bike boulevard could use some tree trimming

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette The stop sign at the intersection of Houghton Avenue and Pearl Street, along Houghton’s newly designated bike boulevard is seen from the perspective of a bicycle rider.

HOUGHTON — Some trees need to be trimmed along Houghton Avenue to create better sight lines for motorists and bike riders, Houghton City Manager Eric Waara said at last week’s City Council meeting.

Waara said the need to make stop signs more visible was the only feedback he received so far on the bike boulevard. The city recently designated Houghton Avenue as the city’s preferred east-west bike corridor and dedicated the route during Bridgefest in early June. Several stop signs were adjusted along the route to facilitate bike traffic.

Councilor Mike Needham said the stop sign at Pearl Street and Houghton Avenue is nearly fully blocked by a tree.

“We thought about painting a white stop line there too,” he said.

Waara said he had talked with Police Chief John Donnelly about putting the stop lines in on some locations, including Pearl Street.

“I drive it every day. I don’t think I’ve stopped yet,” Needham said. “Old habits die hard.”

“We’ll get up there and help you,” Donnelly said.