Hancock School Board member steps down: Board failed Beaudoin

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The number of resignations at the Hancock Public Schools increased by one last Friday, when Paula Nutini resigned from the School Board the same day as superintendent Kipp Beaudoin.

HANCOCK — Friday afternoon, Hancock Public Schools Board of Education Trustee Paula Nutini submitted her resignation from the board, the same day superintendent Kipp Beaudoin announced his own resignation.

Both resignations came a week after board President Kevin Kalinec stepped down.

In her resignation letter, Nutini stated that her reasons for stepping down mirrored what much of what Kalinec said.

“But in addition,” she wrote, “I currently don’t have the time to devote to another superintendent search. It would be best to get someone on board as quickly as possible, so they can be in on this process from the beginning.”

Nutini said in her letter that it is her personal opinion that as a board, it failed “a valuable administrator, educator, and more importantly, advocate for our students.”

She wrote it should be the board’s mission to ensure it never happens again.

Nutini included two recommendations to the board, which included getting a handle on visitor comments at board meetings immediately.

“As a board, we did not do this well,” she wrote, “and this portion of the meetings has turned into a (three)-ring circus. I started to take a look at what other schools are doing, and will turn over to Jill (Karkkainen, Beaudoin’s secretary) the information I came across, and which I felt made sense.”

Nutini’s second recommendation was for the board to invest in additional training pertaining to superintendent-based roles and relationships. Board members have participated in some training in the past, she wrote, but more time spent on that could be incredibly meaningful, especially now.

“We need to clarify not just what the board member’s role is,” she wrote, “but as importantly, what the board member’s role is not.”

It is often a thankless job, she wrote, and wished the remaining board members “all the best.”