Village website provides information people need

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Calumet Village President Dave Geisler discusses updates and changes coming to the village’s website at the regular monthly council meeting Tuesday.

CALUMET — The village website is up and running, according to Village President Dave Geisler, and provides information people need and want.

In today’s computer culture, Geisler said, it is a necessity. Residents, and anyone planning to visit, need a resource for information.

“For many years, we didn’t have a website,” he said, “and prior councils weren’t always receptive to the idea.”

The website contains a calendar that lists all meetings and times, for those who are interested in attending. Meeting minutes are also posted to the website, so people can read them, and see what is going on, said Geisler. It is one avenue the village takes in ensuring transparency of village governance, policies, issues, and topics.

All of the village ordinances can also be found, for those who need or desire clarification on a particular ordinance.

“If people are interested in, say, noise in the village,” Geisler explained, “they can look to see if there is an ordinance covering noise in the village.”

The Master Plan, the Public Improvement Plan and other documents are also on the website, including a calendar of events.

“So, again: You try to make the website a one-stop place for shopping,” he said. “For people who are interested in any aspect of the village, that’s where you go. Whether it’s information, ordinances, events, that’s where you go.”

Most people today, said Geisler, go online when they need information, especially those who are remote, such as anyone wanting to vacation in the area.

“I got an email from a couple who live in Cole City, Illinois,” Geisler said. “They are planning on moving up here, and again: that’s how they contacted us and asked for information.”

The Main Street and the village websites are almost complimentary, he said, which he is happy with.

“Anything that makes information about the village readily accessible, that’s a big thing.” Geisler added with a laugh: “And it’s user-friendly.”

The website was designed by Leah Polzien, who is the executive director of Main Street Calumet, as well as the chairwoman of the village’s Downtown Development Authority. It is maintained by Village Clerk, Kevin Weir.

“Visually, I think the website is very pleasing to look at,” said Geisler, “And Leah gets an A-plus for putting it together.”

The website will continue to improve, as well, he said.

During the regular monthly meeting Tuesday the council discussed items that need to be updated and added.

The website URL is: http://www.villageofcalumet.com.