City of Hancock applies for new recycling grant

HANCOCK — The city of Hancock recently applied for a state grant to purchase bins which, if awarded, will become available to Hancock residents, according to Dave Hall, of the Copper Country Recycling Initiative (CCRI).

The grant request, through the Department of Environmental Quality Recycling Infrastructure, is for just over $10,450, with a local match of $4,000, for a total of $14,454.04.

The grant application states that the goal of the project is to increase the access of recycling for Hancock City residents by ensuring that under-served residents receive durable bins, educational materials, and “the resources required to help them become more successful recyclers.”

Currently, residents provide their own bins for weekly curbside recycling, which leads to a great variation of curbside containers, ranging from cardboard boxes to uncovered bins and totes that can effected by wind, rain, and snow.

Materials covered by the curbside recycling program include paper, newspapers, mail, cardboard, metals/cans, plastic bottles glass of all colors, but does not include any organic materials.

The grant application states that Hancock City is requesting assistance to purchase 400 35-gallon residential curbside containers to increase residents’ participation in the recycling program. The containers will receive a large, colored sticker under the lid that lists appropriate recyclable materials to reduce contamination, and displays the Recycle, MI logo. Residents will be able to pick up containers from the Department of Public Works. A $10 fee will be charged for the containers. The fee to help residents identify the value of recycling and economically support the city’s long-standing recycling program. After distribution, the containers will be owned by the homeowner and/or landlord.

“One thing that helps improve recycling rates,” Hall said, “is for each home to have a dedicated recycling bin, like the blue recycling bins you see in Houghton.”

There will also be an opportunity for residents to sponsor recycling for a neighbor with limited income.