KBIC primary results

Unofficial counts from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community primary results show the incumbent in the Baraga district, Rodney Loonsfoot, with a large lead over his nearest opponents, Michael P. Lahti and Donald L. Chosa Jr. A recount will be conducted Monday, triggered by the narrow vote margin.

In the L’Anse district, Eddy Edwards and Jennifer Misegan garnered more votes than the incumbent Gary Loonsfoot Jr.

In the Associate Judge race, Violet M. Friisvall Ayres and Tyler Larson have a substantial margin over Corey P. Pietila.

The results are not official until certified.

Baraga District L’Anse District

Rodney Loonsfoot (Inc) 133 Gary Loonsfoot, Jr. (Inc) 50

Agatha M. Cardinal 23 Joseph Dowd 29

Donald L. Chosa, Jr. 78 Eddy Edwards 66

Larry Denomie, III 40 Lyndon Ekdahl 15

Gerald H. Friisvall 11 Dylan Friisvall 9

Michael P. Lahti 79 David Haataja 26

Carole L. LaPointe 53 Jean Jokinen 40

Jerry Magnant “Mayo” 42 Jennifer Misegan 56

Don Messer, Jr. 53 Evelyn Ravindran 33

Debra Picciano 25

Jacqueline Swartz 10

Dianne M. Waara 42

Associate Judge

Violet M. Friisvall Ayres (Inc) 233

Tyler Larson 206

Corey P. Pietila 31