SLAC rings in Christmas

(Joshua Vissers/Daily Mining Gazette) (Left to right) Irene Ra, Ellie Heelman, Zoe Storer, Kate Desrochers, Micaela Geborkoff, Logan Sandell and Hunter Bishop, all from Houghton High School, rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Econofoods on Wednesday as part of their activities with the Student Leadership Advisory Council.

HOUGHTON — A new student leadership group took to the sidewalks and storefronts on Wednesday, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army’s holiday campaign.

“This is kind of a revival of what we’ve had,” Hunter Bishop said.

Bishop has been involved with the student leadership since ninth grade, but this school year, started with a newly-formed group, the Student Leadership Advisory Council. SLAC is the combination of two groups that existed before, the Student Leadership Committee and the Youth Advisory Council, part of the Keweenaw Community Foundation.

“They were kind of overlapping their roles,” Bishop said.

The combination, he said, has gone smoothly and resulted in better turnout for group events. The group gives students a chance to work with other student leaders around Copper Country and provides leadership opportunities to those who participate, something beneficial for college applications. The group has a steady membership of 30-40 students, with seniors recruiting new members as they graduate.

(Joshua Vissers/Daily Mining Gazette) (Left to right) Julia Deiro, Brooke Banfield and Troy Corrigan from Lake Linden were stationed outside of Walmart ringing for the Salvation Army.

Beside ringing the bells for Salvation Army, SLAC also had a cookie decorating event with Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly on Wednesday.

Brenda DeLacy, Corps Administrator for the Salvation Army post in Hancock, said they are still looking for volunteers this year.

“We desperately need people,” she said.

Bell ringers will be out from now until Christmas Eve, but only a few volunteers have been scheduled.

“We’ve got a couple really dedicated people,” DeLacy said.

(Joshua Vissers/Daily Mining Gazette) Molly Myllyoja (left) and Kendra Kangas outside of Walmart in Houghton on Wednesday, ringing for the Salvation Army.

DeLacy said they can schedule short shifts from 6-8 p.m. for people with jobs that still want to contribute, and that all the locations except for Walmart are inside and out of the weather.

This year has been a special challenge for the Salvation Army’s bell ringing campaign. With Shopko’s closing, they lost two locations, and the late Thanksgiving cost them a week in front of Walmart, too. This is making attaining the annual fundraising goal difficult.

“We’re right around 27% right now,” DeLacy said.

The goal for the season is to raise $60,000.

A new option that wasn’t available in past years is Google and Apple pay options for those who don’t carry cash. Icons on the sign above the donation pot can be scanned to make a donation.

To register as a bell ringer, visit registertoring.com or call the Salvation Army office at (906)482-3420.

Volunteers are also needed for food and toy distribution days on Dec. 19 and 20. Call the Salvation Army office for more information or to register to help.


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