Saving energy starts at home

HANCOCK Each month, local SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company customers pay a very small fee on their utility bills to support state-sponsored energy conservation and efficiency programs.

Local energy legend Dave Camps, owner of Blue Terra Energy in Hancock, works with Efficiency United to bring these programs directly to customers, saving them money while also helping the environment.

Blue Terra Energy is currently conducting free furnace and boiler tune-ups for local natural gas utility customers. Residents must be Semco customers to qualify for the tune-up, typically priced at $100. Tune-ups ensure heating systems are running cleanly and efficiently, saving residents money and reducing health and safety risks.

“There are no out-of-pocket costs for customers who call to schedule their tune-up,” Camps said. “This program is covered by the small “Energy Optimization” charge they’re already paying on their monthly Semco bill.”

Blue Terra Energy’s team of certified technicians perform the free furnace and boiler tune-ups promptly and professionally. They inspect each unit to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently. “Safety is always our number one concern when performing inspections. Identifying inefficiencies and helping customers save money on their monthly utility bills is definitely an added bonus,” Camps said.

Checking carbon monoxide levels in residents’ homes as well as the heating appliance system is included in the appointment. If unsafe levels of carbon monoxide are detected during an inspection, Camps said they may either condemn the furnace or ask residents to evacuate their home, depending on how high the levels are. Homeowners who do not have carbon monoxide detectors in their home will be provided one free of charge. Technicians also provide education on the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Customers who do not have a programmable thermostat or a carbon monoxide detector can have one of each installed free of charge, a $100 value.

Programmable thermostats are a convenient and effective tool for increasing efficiency. Features allow residents to program temperature settings in advance, increasing or decreasing heat while at home or at work. Lowering the temperature a few hours each day offers significant savings on monthly utility bills.

“The programmable clock and thermostat allows you to set the time and temperature around your schedule. Say you get up at 5 a.m. You can set it so your furnace kicks in at 4, that way your home is warm when you get up,” Camps explained. “The same goes for at night. So, you can see the advantage and cost savings.”

Local Semco customers who did not receive a free tune-up from Blue Terra Energy in 2013 are eligible for this program. Call (906) 487-5342 to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about free furnace and boiler tune-ups or to find out about other services provided by Blue Terra Energy, visit blueterraenergy.com.

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