At Flower Shop, flowers are an art

Provided photos Missy Goulette, owner of the Flower Shop, poses with some of her collections in the store.

At the Flower Shop, flower arrangement is an artform, not a sideline or a department in a store.

Flowers are what Missy Goulette at the Flower Shop on Quincy Street has had a love for her entire life.

It is her degree in fine arts with an intuitive yet trained eye in color theory, design, and spatial balance which makes her creations at Flower Shop so special. At the Flower Shop, flowers truly are an art.

With her background, Goulette is able to create almost anything anybody envisions. She can also duplicate nearly any arrangement shown to her. She knows the names of all the flowers and when they are in season. 

“When they describe something to me I have a good sense of what they want and I can create it,” Goulette said.

Provided photos An arrangement of flowers in a pattern Flower Shop owner Missy Goulette would recommend for a wedding.

This talent is what makes the bouquets and arrangements at the Flower Shop so special.

It is those special occasions when you want flowers from the Flower Shop. From Mother’s Day, graduation parties, weddings, anniversaries and any holiday, the Flower Shop is the place to go.

Just as in everything from clothing to music, there are trends in the floral business. The Flower Shop stays up to date on those trends.

“I like to carry the trendier items, because that’s what many of the people that stop in are looking for,” she said. “Right now eucalyptus and many different types of greenery mixed together is trendy.”

It’s not just the flowers which sets the Flower Shop apart, but it includes all the other gifts the store has. From cards to candles, the Flower Shop has what you are looking for.

It is best if you can order your special Mother’s Day arrangement in advance.

“The sooner the better because flowers really start to fly out of here the week of Mother’s Day. If you are really particular on what you want, it’s best you call early to reserve your color and type of flower to ensure availability. Everyone’s mom loves something different.”

Floral arrangements for Mother’s Day is a specialty at the Flower Shop, simply because they have so many different types of flowers. Check out its greenhouse, as it will be full for Mother’s Day.

“I keep it stocked with popular household plants and beautiful unique hanging baskets and patio planters,” Goulette said. “During the winter months, wreaths, garlands and decorative outdoor holiday pots are created in the greenhouse.”

Whether it is online through her Teleflora website or stopping in their aromatic store, you will find roses, carnations, lillys and a cooler full of colorful blooms available to purchase or have delivered. 

The Flower Shop not only has all the traditional flowers you have come to expect, but it also offers tropical flowers and obscure flowers. This is something you won’t find at a grocery store. 

It’s not just those hard to find flowers that the Flower Shop has, but Goulette actually uses many of the native and wildflowers at her family farm.  “We grow a lot of the flowers and know when they will be in bloom. A lot of people like the fresh-cut garden flowers.  We can provide some of those during the summer months.”

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