2020 UP Trappers Convention/Outdoor Expo canceled

ESCANABA – For the first time in over 50 years, the Trappers Convention/ Outdoor Expo will not be held. The decision to cancel was obviously forced by the current COVID-19 pandemic. “This was a tough decision to make for all of us involved,” stated Roy Dahlgren, president of District 3 and event coordinator. “Over the years, this event has drawn thousands of people to the area. It is a big boost to the local economy, and to the many vendors and tailgaters who regularly attend. We had commitments from many outdoor experts to give presentations along with all the volunteer help ready to go. For many, including the workers, attending this show is the highlight of their year. We understand the disappointment but in these uncertain times, the U.P Trappers Association wants to ensure the safety of all because they care not only about their sport, the animals they try to capture, the environment, but most importantly the health and safety of all human beings. We just can’t take this risk,” Dahlgren added.

“We seriously considered taking a ‘wait and see’ position regarding the show, but after a lot of discussion and thought, we felt it is the right thing to do and not wait any longer. As now people can make other plans for July,” said John Gunville, president of U.P. Trappers. “Sure, we could take a chance that all will be okay by the time the convention rolls around, but with so much uncertainty about this pandemic, we trappers care too much about not putting anyone in a possible health risk. The show will be back; bigger and better than ever in July 2021.” Gunville added.

This event usually has thousands attending. It is a family-friendly event with activities provided not only for the trapper/outdoor enthusiasts, but for all members of the family as well. Vendors provide items at sale prices and a wealth of outdoor sports knowledge can be gained by attending the demos. Persons come from all parts of the U.S. and Canada.

“Disappointing? Yes, very much so,” said Jimmy Fornetti, longtime member of District 3. “I am sure that some are actually angry over this decision. Hopefully, eventually everyone will come to understand that we trappers do not want to expose any person, community, or possibly the whole U.P. to any health risk. This issue is too serious to take any chances with. Please be smart, safe, and healthy so we can see you at the 2021 Convention,” Fornetti added.


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