Finding your hygge can really help at this time of year

Be Blissful

With the colder weather and snow setting in, and the sun setting so seemingly early, I have been devouring books like crazy. In the last month, I have read eight books for pleasure, and three novels in my classes.

My book club recently read the book, “The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” by Meik Wiking. It is pronounced “hoo-gah,” in case you are wondering. This delightful, quick little read is all about the art of cherishing yourself and making yourself feel snug. I get that it sounds a little out there, but after reading this novel, it helped me to appreciate the things around me that give me hygge.

The first item that they talk about giving people hygge is perfect for this time of year – Christmas lights. There is honestly nothing I love more than sitting in my living room with all the lights off, and the Christmas tree being the only thing lighting the room.

THAT makes me feel snug. That makes me cherish my family and the people around me. I love the twinkle and soft glow of the colored LED lights on our tree. It seems to make each individual ornament sparkle and glow. It’s my favorite thing. It brings me pure joy.

Another source of hygge is a warm beverage. This warms my yooper heart. I love a good chai latte, a fresh cup of coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider… you name it, I like it! (Sometimes you just have to add cream and sugar!) What could be more comforting than a cup of hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree lights? Snuggled in a warm blanket while sipping hot chocolate, listening to Christmas songs, in my arm chair in my living room while looking at the lights, it truly gives me the opportunity to cherish myself.

That is a bit easier said than done. How does one cherish themselves? Honestly, I had to google it. The list made it seem easy.

Do not compare yourself to others. Okay, so just focus on your own accomplishments and positive attributes. The things that make you unique.

Do not worry about being accepted by others. This can be difficult, as we as human beings want to feel accepted.

Do the best with what you have. Well, this has certainly been tested as of late. I feel like I have had to deal with a lot of curveballs in life. Yes, they get taken care of, but “Easy Street” has certainly not been what I have been up against. I can appreciate though, that I work through these problems to the best of my ability.

Focus on helping and serving others. Yes! This is a wonderful mantra. I feel like I do this daily, and I feel like it is one of my strong suits. I enjoy helping others.

Pursue a worthy dream. This I do daily, for sure. I was talking with a colleague the other day, and he said, “You know what is unique about us? We want to learn something new every day. We want to grow.” I thought that was really well-said. My dream is to grow and learn and evolve, each and every day.

Hygge has helped me appreciate the positives about myself, which I do not often do. And it has helped me to slow down, take a look around, and enjoy the moment. Find your hygge.