Company improves an activity

I will freely admit this: I am a massive “Game of Thrones” (GoT) addict. I literally had the season premiere written on our calendar in Sharpie.

I ordered a rug from Poland with the Stark sigil on it, and our House name.

I bought a Stark banner to hang from my fireplace, just below the TV. I spent my Sunday watching the suggested episodes from the GoT writers – the “must see” episodes to re-watch. I wore my Game of Thrones leggings (thanks, Susie) to watch the premiere. I named my new car after one of my favorite characters.

This series is … lit, as my students would say.

We are part of the purist camp at my household – the mister and I have read the books. We have watched the series. We have predictions as to what will happen (for the sake of not being a spoiler, I won’t share). We have themed meals on Sunday for the show. It’s our thing.

When we first started dating, this was one of our “things.” We would watch GoT together and discuss the writing and characters, the plot twists, the story in general. Sometimes we would have to wait a week to watch it together (living in different cities, you know?).

Some of us were not always patient and would commit what someone calls, “teledultery,” where one watches a show alone and secretly before the other. I’m sure you can make a good guess which one of us was impatient … me. It’s me.

(Spoiler alert ahead) So one day when we got into a disagreement, and I had run out of facts to refute what he was saying, I yelled, “Well, you know what?! Jon Snow dies!” It was like I had taken away his birthday. No more GoT teledultery after that – he made me promise. (That did not stop me from watching ALL of season 2 of Stranger Things while he was at hunting camp. I watched it again when he came home. I just did eventually tell him. He thinks I’m ridiculous.)

With the winters we have, it seems like we find a series to dive into together to watch, and nothing beats a cold, stormy night being snuggled up on the couch under big, thick comforters, watching some silly show together. What solace it brings to watch some show together with someone you’re so crazy about!

The mister would argue that GoT is the greatest story ever told. The missus would heartily disagree that one of the best stories ever told is in fact Harry Potter, but yes GoT is also an excellent story.

So the reason I watch isn’t purely love of the story, it’s the element of nostalgia, and how we have changed and evolved as a couple, but still really just enjoy each other’s company. It’s about sharing something you love. It’s the conversations we have. It’s in our over-the-top themed dinners. It just flat out reminds me how happy I am, with where I’m at in life, whom I’m with, and all the blessings that surround me.