Kids taken on ‘Book Hunt’ at Story Walk along Portage Lake

HOUGHTON – Many area families participated in the Story Walk for Children held at the Portage Lake District Library on Saturday.

Groups of several children, with their parents following along, were read the story “We’re Going on a Book Hunt” by Pat Miller.

Pages of the book were staked out on a path from Bridgeview Park along the Portage Canal to the Portage Lake District Library, where children then made their own books using crayons, stickers and a lot of imagination.

“I love Elsa and butterflies,” said Maggie Middlebrook, 4, referring to a character in Disney’s “Frozen.”

“I like pink for eyes and a little brown smile,” she said, choosing first a pink, then a brown crayon from a large, colorful collection set up on tables for the children to create their own stories at the library following the walk.

Participants enjoyed refreshments before going home with a hard copy of Miller’s book and the children’s handmade books.

Copper Country Great Start Collaborative sponsored the event with support from PLDL and others.


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