DB-TC prepare for evaluations

DOLLAR BAY – School district members have to do regular evaluations of each other, but first they have to go through training sessions for those evaluations, which are coming up soon.

Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools Superintendent Susan Miko told the Board of Education at its regular meeting Monday, the first training session for the Michigan Department of Education evaluation method will be in November with the second one in January.

“Board members as well as the superintendent have to be trained on (the evaluation method),” she said.

Miko said the trainings will be conducted at the Copper Country Intermediate School District.

It won’t be necessary for a board member to go to the first training session to be able to attend the second, Miko said, but it will probably be more important for them to go to the second session.

Miko said the state is keeping a close watch on districts where there may be a high number of families not paying for student meals at school, which can present a financial problem for the districts.

“It’s the general fund that has to bail out the food service at the end of the year,” she said.

During her report to the board, K-12 Principal Christina Norland said the new school year has started well, with students behaving.

“We have had no discipline issues so far at the middle school or high school,” she said.

Norland said she adjusted the Thomas R. Davis Elementary School class schedules to allow the youngest students to have a feeling of stability during the school day.

“I spent a lot of time (on) the schedule,” she said.

Board members accepted the resignation of member Larry Fallon.


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