Voters weigh in on Congress

ONTONAGON – Ontonagon County voters weighed in on the District 1 congressional race, choosing state senator Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, and Lon Johnson on the Democratic ticket.

Casperson got 479 votes, to Jack Bergman’s 273 and Jason Allen’s 46 on the Republican ticket; while Democrats supported Lon Johnson with 373 votes over Jerry Cannon’s 194.

In the 110 District race for state representative, incumbent Scott Dianda, D-Calumet, got 637 votes while Republican Gregory Markkanen got 536 votes.

Democratic incumbents Michael D. Findlay got 561 votes for Ontonagon County prosecutor; Clerk Stacy C. Preiss received 621 votes and Treasurer Jeanne M. Pollard got 602.

Ontonagon County Sheriff Dale Rantala, Democrat, got 661 votes, while Republican newcomer Dean Utecht got 390 votes.

In the county commissioner races, Democrats John Cane got 116 votes in District 1; Richard Bourdeau got 108 votes in District 2; John E. Pelkola got 116 votes in District 3; Carl R. Nykanen got 140 in District 4. Republican David A. Nykanen got 115 votes in District 3.

Bergland Township voters chose Republicans Carl D. Bailey with 89 votes over Tom Paulman with 43 votes for supervisor, while Democrats gave David Roberts 36 votes for the office. In the township clerk’s race, Democrat Pat MacArthur got 41 votes and Republican Irene D. Sorelle got 114. Republican trustee candidates Mark Gregory got 84 votes; Michael Minto got 61; and Bob Kimmes got 21.

In Bohemia Township races, Democrats LuAnn Hayrynen got 20 votes for supervisor; Elsie Sulkanen got 17 for clerk; Carrie Erickson got 18 for treasurer; and Theresa Sanford got 19 for trustee.

Carp Lake Township Republican Homer Colclasure got 75 votes for supervisor, and Greenland Township Treasurer Mary Wagner got 53 votes, running as a Democrat.

Haight Township Republicans gave Carlene Humphrey 12 votes for treasurer. Democrats there gave Joseph Pietila 23 votes for supervisor; Marilyn M. Sexton 24 votes for clerk; and trustee candidates Gerald D. Mattson 20, and Rose Holtz 13.

In Interior Township, Democrats Mariann Besonen got 31 votes for clerk; and Paul T. Besonen and Patsy L. Walls got 32 and 29 votes respectively for trustee. Republican Melanie Pelkola received 29 votes for treasurer.

Matchwood Township Republican voters gave Glen Longtin 9 votes for supervisor and Lorraine Warsop 8 votes for trustee. Democrats voted for Gerald Kitzman for clerk with 22 votes; Deborah A. Korich for treasurer with 18 votes; and Audrey Wagner with 18 for trustee.

McMillan Township Democrats gave Daniel J. Staff, Sr. 57 votes for supervisor; Kate Hirsack 47 votes for clerk; and Kristen Hardes 60 votes for treasurer.

Ontonagon Township Republican incumbent Clerk William Chabot got 222 votes. Democrats Steven Store got 210 votes for supervisor; Penny L. Saari got 228 votes for treasurer; and Brenda Hamm and Charles Maki got 163 and 181 votes respectively for trustee.

For the Ontonagon Township Park, Democrat Robert Burrows received 195 votes; while Republicans James R. Miles got 210 votes; Bob Rotundo got 164; Deborah Slye got 172; and Michael White got 169.

In Rockland Township, Republicans Peggy S. Killoran got 22 votes for clerk, and Wendy Pence got 22 for treasurer. Democrats Charles A. Pantti got 30 votes for supervisor; and trustee candidates Joy D. Koskelin got 11 votes; Susan Miilu got 23; and Patricia I. Racine got 24.

Stannard Township Democrats gave Pamela Malnar 52 votes for clerk, Diane M. Fry 52 votes for treasurer, and trustee candidates Karen Mayle 34 got votes and Diane Moilanen got 49 votes. Republican William J. Andrus got 72 votes for supervisor.

Republican delegate candidates in Ontonagon 1 were Robert Niemela with 191 votes and Teddy J. Baird with 164; and Kirk R. Schott got 69 votes in Stannard 1.

County voters supported all but two ballot proposals. Matchwood Township General Fund went down with 15 for and 19 against; and Bergland Township Maintenance and Repair was defeated 74 for to 88 opposed. The proposals that passed were: county EMS, 1260 to 246; county tax limit 1044 to 419; county public transit 1030 to 474; county senior millage 1082 to 277; Bohemia Township operational millage 24 to 5; and Ontonagon Township fire 479 to 70.