South Range clerk resigns, won’t say why

SOUTH RANGE — The South Range Village Council will be appointing a new village clerk in March, after the current clerk, Jason Coffey, submitted his resignation at February’s regular council meeting.

“I’m not just going to walk out the door,” Coffey said.

After Feb. 26, the effective date of his resignation, Coffey said he would no longer be available to work full-time but would still be willing to help the village when possible and train whoever is appointed to replace him.

“I got an opportunity, and I’m going to take it,” Coffey said. “I don’t want to say ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda.'”

Coffey declined to tell the board or the Daily Mining Gazette, what the new job opportunity is.

His resignation was accepted with regret by the council.

Village President Justin Marier expressed that regret, calling Coffey’s resignation a “heavy loss” for the village. Marier thanked Coffey for his service and showed appreciation for his willingness to help beyond the effective date of his resignation.

Marier said Coffey was instrumental in getting the village budget under control, organizing grant processes, filing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paperwork, and streamlining village policies and procedures.

Before Coffey’s appointment in February of 2015, and subsequent reelection to the position in 2016, the village had a part-time clerk and part-time deputy clerk, according to Marier. When they both retired, the council chose to restructure to a single, full-time position with benefits in order to attract and retain an experienced candidate. Coffey has filled that role since.

The vacant position has been posted, and a candidate will be appointed by the council at its March meeting. Applicants must be a registered South Range voter and can submit a letter of interest to the clerk’s office.

Letters are due by 6:30 p.m. March 7, the beginning of the next council meeting.

The council also approved up to $10,000 for repair of one of the village’s front-end loaders used for snow removal. The estimate came in at $7,000, but the council wanted to leave some margin for increased cost rather than delay the repair if more money was required. The loader has been leaking transmission fluid.

The council approved a preliminary budget, which will receive final review and approval at the March meeting. A public hearing is being scheduled prior to the meeting.