Trustee complains about no info

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Village Trustees Josh Rowe (left) and Virginia Dwyer (right) were not provided with copies of budget materials from the village office in time to make informed decisions at the Feb. 28 budget meeting. In response, Dwyer filed a complaint against the village.

CALUMET — Trustee Virginia Dwyer lodged a complaint against Village Council President Dave Geisler and administrator Joe Snow for not providing budget information to her and Trustee Joshua Rowe before the budget meeting on Feb. 28.

“At our last budget meeting, I filed a complaint that I was not (provided) budget information until that very day, I filed a formal complaint with this village, and I want to know what the update is,” Dwyer said. “I wasn’t allowed to participate in anything, because I didn’t have the information, nor was Joshua. That’s wrong. Our rules of order say we’re supposed to be given information five days before. I want to know why it happened, I want to know what we’re going to do to address it.”

Geisler replied he could assure her and Rowe that next year, the budget ordinance would be followed.

When Dwyer asked again why it happened, Geisler said the budget was not finished.

Dwyer said that did not answer her question. She pointed out that everyone on the Finance Committee had received it, as did a former member of the council.

“My question was: Why were two people excluded?” she said.

Trustee Nathan Anderson denied Dwyer and Rowe were excluded. He took the initiative, he said, to attend the Finance Committee meeting, although he is not a committee member.

“Peggy (Germain, the former trustee), got the first draft,” Anderson said, “because she paid attention. She saw that it was posted, and she went and got a copy. Just because we sit in this chair, that doesn’t meant that that office has to serve us everything on a silver platter. We owe it to the village to some of this work ourselves.”

Anderson added he supported her complaint about the budget being late, but the budget has been late every year for the last three years, and just complaining about it is not a solution. The solution, he suggested, is following the ordinance.

“Our rules state that our trustees are to be provided with this information, period,” Dwyer replied. “My life does not revolve around coming to committee meetings or trying to track things down. That is the job of the office. That’s part of the job to get us the information needed to make good decisions.”

Her most pertinent concern in the matter, she said, is because the budget meeting was held the day after she and Rowe received the information, the budget was accepted, and she nor Rowe could not provide any input