Family Dollar makes proposal on damaged building in Calumet

Daily Mining Gazette file photo The former Family Dollar building on Fifth Street stands boarded up after a roof collapse in March blew the building’s front plate glass windows out and also caused some damage to the Calumet Floral and Gifts building (right).

CALUMET — The Village Council was given an update on the Family Dollar building on Fifth Street by Joe Snow, village administrator, on a proposed resolution to the building that suffered a roof collapse in early March.

Snow told the council Tuesday that there has been communication between the Family Dollar district manager in Marquette, as well as that company’s real estate director in North Carolina, and the Houghton County building inspector’s office.

In accordance to the second amendment of Ordinance 79, Snow said, there is a grace period that allows a company to work either the Downtown Development Authority or the Planning commission to arrive at alternative resolutions to demolishing a building.

Snow said he received a phone call from the real estate manager the day of the council meeting, who has been following the story of the building.

The manager proposed selling the building to a nonprofit organization, said Snow, then donate the money the Family Dollar had budgeted for demolition to the nonprofit for renovating the building.

Snow said a contractor was then scheduled to inspect the building on March 17,to formulate an estimate to repair the roof, and an engineer will also inspect the building.

The building had suffered a roof collapse in March, after the corporation had refused the Calumet store manager’s request for funding to have the roof shoveled off.

“So, hopefully, instead of having a gaping hole in the village, we’ll be able to have — maybe not taxes from it, because it will be a nonprofit, but maybe add a little bit more vibrancy in the village,” he said.