Spring cleanup set in Houghton

HOUGHTON — The city of Houghton will host its annual spring cleanup May-June 9.

Trash bins will be available seven days a week at the city garage on the corner of Technical Avenue and Gundlach Road.

Allowed materials are wood (under 4 feet), brick and metal (to be placed in a specially labeled dumpster).

Examples of banned materials are furniture, clothes, tires, cardboard, paint and empty cans, house garbage and light bulbs of any type.

From May through November the city will also accept leaves, small branches and yard clippings. There are two dedicated areas on the east side of the city salt storage building: one for leaves and lawn waste, one for branches and tree trimming waste.

The city will also do sand cleanup until May 31. People raking the sand from their yard can put it in piles on the side of the road to be picked up by the sweeper. Do not block travel lanes. If possible, put the sand on a cross street to avoid hills.

For residents who are handicapped or 65 and older and living in single-family homes, the city will pick up items. People must call 482-1700 and give their name and address.

Items must not be left at the curb side. Instead, they should be kept on the property until the city can pick it up. Items will be picked up on May 17, June 7 and June 21.