Enhanced notification service now available for crime victims in Michigan

LANSING – The Michigan Division of Victim Services with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has launched an enhanced version of Michigan Victim Information and Notification Everyday (MI-VINE) that expands access to critical services for crime victims in Michigan.

MI-VINE has been serving victims since 1999 and has continued to evolve through advancements in technology. The enhanced MI-VINE service offers users innovative functionality, an improved user experience and expanded access to victim services. A key feature is the MI-VINE Service Provider Directory, which allows users to seek assistance and connect directly with both local and national victim service providers.

“Expanding and enhancing access to services is critical in our work to provide one voice for victims of crime in Michigan,” said Debi Cain, executive director of the Michigan Division of Victim Services. “These advancements help ensure crime victims and their families receive timely and potentially life-saving notifications surrounding the custody status of offenders in a user-friendly and victim-centered way.”

MI-VINE has long played a key role in keeping victims in Michigan safe through the power of information. During 2019:

— 256,511 Michiganders registered to use MI-VINE’s services.

— 443,090 notifications were provided to MI-VINE users through outbound calls, emails, text messages and TTY, a device used to communicate with hearing or speech impaired individuals.

— 5,591,525 offender searches were conducted using the MI-VINE website and mobile applications.

An entirely free service provided by Appriss Insights, VINE is the nation’s leading victim notification network and provides crime victims and concerned citizens access to timely and reliable offender custody information through a toll-free telephone number, website or mobile application. Users may also register to receive automated notifications relating to changes in custody status via telephone, email or text message.

Josh Bruner, executive vice president of Victim Services at Appriss Insights, added: “Appriss is pleased to introduce this new suite of VINE features and benefits to victims throughout the state of Michigan. Users are now able to benefit from a more streamlined experience, and we are thrilled to increase accessibility to victim-centered services that will help guide them on their road to healing, peace and recovery.”

Appriss has been serving victims since 1994. Michigan is the 21st state in the country to implement the enhanced VINE service since its rollout in May 2017.

To learn more about the enhanced MI-VINE service, visit Michigan.gov/MIVINE.


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