Community conversation in response to defacing of Temple Jacob

A community conversation with the people of Temple Jacob has been scheduled at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1100 College Avenue, Houghton, on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 6:30 p.m. Hosted by Keweenaw Faiths United, the gathering is a response to the defacing of the Temple building Sept. 20 or 21. We will not be focusing on the negative events that happened – we are gathering to build upon the incredibly powerful and meaningful responses within our community.

The evening gathering is also an opportunity to learn about Judaism, connect with people of faith in our community, and get to know our neighbors. We will address ways of fostering religious communities that work together in today’s cultural and religious climate, and educate ourselves about issues vulnerable communities face that the wider population can benefit from knowing and acting upon. We will also hopefully discover our many similarities and what we share in common.

Keweenaw Faiths United was formed as a response to terrorist acts that targeted our sisters and brothers in faith, specifically in 2019, the bombings and shootings of Muslim and Jewish worshipers in mosques and synagogues. The inter-faith group that was formed decided to not just talk, but to DO something to communicate to our community that ALL people are welcome here, and that “their” safety (whoever “they” might be!) is our responsibility.

Keweenaw Faiths United is a group of people across religions and denominations that is taking a stand to seek peace by being peacemakers, build bridges by getting involved, and prevent violence by taking a stand.

Help us spread the word that love and acceptance are spoken here!


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