Start of new year good time to make Big Resolution

This year make the Big Resolution.

It’s the same thing every January: gyms are overflowing, kale is selling like hotcakes, and everyone is trying to be their best for the New Year. But what if this year, you could resolve to do something even more important than deciding to stomach a green smoothie once a week? What if you could make a resolution worth keepin g–one that inspires more resolutions? What if you could commit to something more important, more impactful? This year we’re asking people to make… The Big Resolution.

The New Year is a great time to reinvent yourself, to be better. Bettering yourself is a great goal, but we know people are also thinking about how to better their community and how to make sure that when they reflect on the year, they know they made a difference. What if this year, instead of resolving to stand at our desks, we promise to stand up? Or maybe we can think beyond more than changing our careers, and perhaps think about changing lives?

There is a way you can make a resolution that is even bigger than you — volunteer for

Big Brothers Big Sisters. When you become a Big, you won’t just change your Little’s life, you’ll change your own. So, go ahead, don’t just take the stairs more — challenge yourself to step up.

Many youth in the local communities are waiting to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister, and the only way to ensure they have someone to inspire them to reach their potential is for more adults to step up and volunteer to become Bigs. Being a Big means committing to spending a couple of hours a week with a young person doing things that you love to do, like playing hockey; heading outdoors to go to the beach, hit your favorite fishing hole, or take a hike.

We all benefit from great mentors. There is a powerful mentoring effect demonstrated by research and the experiences of young people who are connected to a mentor.

Mentoring is a critical component in young people’s lives, helping them make the decisions that ultimately lead to improved opportunities and connections, which has an impact in real life. Research has shown that when matched through a quality mentoring program, mentors can play a powerful role in providing young people with the tools to make responsible decisions, stay focused and engaged in school and reduce or avoid risky behavior like skipping school, drug use and other negative activities. Mentoring contributes to healthier life cycles and ultimately strengthens our community.

At U.P. Kids Big Brothers Big Sisters, we have firsthand proof of the power of mentoring. We know that our Bigs through the years have changed the lives of the children they have mentored for the better, forever. We are thankful for the time and dedication they have given and for their enthusiasm to stand in their Little’s corner.

Through friendship, caring, understanding and guidance our Bigs offer new perspectives. They have shared life experiences and new experiences with their Littles. They have helped them to see that they are in charge of determining their world.

We believe the relationships between Bigs and Littles are life?changing and help to prepare children for successful futures.

So, when making your New Year’s resolutions, don’t stop at getting more active in the new year. Look beyond starting a personal budget and consider starting a chain reaction. We challenge you to make The Big Resolution. Become a Big and become active in your community. When you join the Big Brothers Big Sisters movement, your impact doesn’t last a year. It lasts a lifetime.