Help animals like Nubs by helping UPAWS

The tale might have had a tragic start, but instead, thanks to perhaps a bit of serendipity, Nubs, the dog, has reached a wonderful place in life.

This sweet cocker spaniel dog had a rough time. In November, she was found in Republic, abandoned. Her coat was a matted mess, her eyes were not clear and worst of all, both of her ears were so badly infected she had huge calcification in both.

But thanks to the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) and a photographer who volunteers to take photos of mistreated strays brought to the shelter, Nubs, as she’s now named, has a second chance.

The pooch has had surgery on both ears, but was rendered deaf by the wicked infection. However, Susan Hill and her sons — Nubs’s human family — have been teaching the dog sign language. Susan hopes to continue the training with the objective of Nubs meeting up with some youngsters.

“We’re starting therapy dog training in September at Tacomo (Dog Training in Harvey),” she said in Wednesday’s story. “Nubs already knows some hand signals like for ‘sit’ and ‘high five.’ She loves kids and she’s good with new people. So I’d like her to be able to visit classrooms, to show kids how you can overcome challenges.”

We shudder to think at what this darling dog survived when she was wandering all alone. We’re thankful to the Hill family for adopting her and spoiling her, just a bit, giving her the kind of life every dog and cat deserves.

And as always, we tip our hats to UPAWS for being a stellar organization, a total asset to our community.

Those whose hearts have been touched by Nubs’s story might consider donating to UPAWS in her honor.

Unfortunately, there are too many animals in need of homes and of some tender loving care. Through UPAWS, let’s help as many as we can find the best life possible.