Take some time, leave internet in giving thanks

If just for a day on Thursday, take a beat, take a breath and take stock.

Not so long ago, in a land not at all far away, family, friends and loved ones came together at Thanksgiving for reflection in gratitude on the blessings they received.

Of course, lest we get too rosy-colored in our memories, there were the occasional less-than-heartwarming incidents, but on the whole, it was a meaningful, uplifting experience.

But in these times of information overload, internet intrusion and technological innovation driving us to distraction, that pause on Thanksgiving Day to contemplate what we are thankful for seems to be pre-empted by noise and nonsense.

The still small voice — the voice reminding you to be aware of what is really important in your life — cannot be heard above the sturm and drang of the digital medium. To hear that voice in this age requires a conscious action to disconnect from the internet, if only for a day — a notoriously slow news day, so you can quickly catch up on Friday.

By all means, use your phone to reach out and touch friends and family. Just stay offline and off social media for the day.

Taking a break from the web will allow you take a breath, to bring perspective to the cares, conflicts and cacophony that the digital medium floods you with 24/7. Maybe you might realize that much of the stuff that hits you from the internet is simply not important and not worth your time worrying about, in comparison to taking stock of all the gifts and blessings you have: roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back, community of neighbors encompassing you, friends on the phone and a family of loved ones sitting around the table.

A Daily Mining Gazette editorial