Let’s be Copper Country strong for Hancock kids

Trouble and turmoil are swirling around the Hancock Public Schools District. As of Friday, two board members and the superintendent had resigned.

This storyline is just in its beginning stage, and many of the details are yet to be reported. From investigating this situation and reporting on the district’s academic data, so far it appears academics is not a primary issue in this story. But there is more to come, possibly even more changes.

This situation is an example of why it is so important for upstanding citizens to serve the community in elected public office, especially on local school boards. Although current board members will appoint replacements, in the interest of transparency, we would encourage any applicant to contact us, so we can inform Hancock residents about applicants for appointment to an elected office — those who are appointed and those who are not.

Regardless of who is appointed, we would strongly encourage residents interested in providing quality education to Hancock students to run for the board in the next election.

Going through hard times is daunting and intimidating, and it is a natural impulse to flee from involvement, but in every situation involving non-physical threats, it is better to stand fast and resist.

The dark side of our nature is not easily overcome, but overcoming these trials makes us that much stronger. Taking a stand allows exposure of the hypocrisy and ignorance of the negative threat, which lays dormant and secret yet active until it is brought into light of public discourse.

Local education is key to a community’s growth because good schools enhance economic development, which means less property taxes and more funding for public services and infrastructure.

Considering those points, this is an issue that affects the entire Copper Country, even though it will be people of Hancock who decide this issue. We were reminded of this common regional bond following last year’s flooding disaster, when the value of “Copper Country strong” inspired people to respond and recover as one. What happens in one community here affects the whole region. We are all in this together.

Those good people and public bodies outside the city’s limits need to at least openly take a stance in support of Hancock students. When the stakes are so high and so far-reaching, too much input, inside and outside of Hancock, is better than too little.

Anything less, anything left undone or unsaid, has the potential to adversely impact current and future students in Hancock and the future of the Copper Country.

A Daily Mining Gazette editorial