Disagrees with Rep. Benishek

To the editor:

I have written to Rep. Dan Benishek now three times about matters related to social and economic policy. Each time, I have received from his office a response telling me he agrees with me and then explaining why his views are correct.

The problem is that I don’t agree with him. I have written to disagree with his stated views.

Dan Benishek does not listen to his constituents or care that his staff read and understand constituents’ letters. This is irresponsible and reason enough to make sure he is not re-elected.

But further reason to make sure he is defeated in the next election is his vote to fund the U.S. government only by de-funding the Affordable Care Act. This move is irresponsible. It means the shutdown will likely happen.

Congress cannot function when there is neither compromise nor reason.

The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress, signed by the President, and defended by the Supreme Court.

Fifty-six percent of Americans approve of the law, knowing it will improve the lives of those without health insurance. It cannot be shown to be ineffective because it is still not even in force. Oct. 1, is the start date for the exchanges.

I ask Rep. Benishek to read his mail more carefully and to listen to the majority of the American people.

Melinda Quivik