Half of Chassell has library cards

To the editor:

The Chassell proposal to leave the Portage Lake District Library is a perfect example of the need to get out to vote and participate in local government. While the anti-library group is undocumented, I doubt their numbers come close to the number of library cardholders in Chassell. According to public records more than 800 residents of Chassell have PLDL library cards. That is nearly half of the 1,812 people living in the township, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. According to public library records, the people of Chassell use their library services too. Last year alone they checked out 13,300 library items.

Despite popular library use, some people have spent their time and energy to the task of denying their fellow Chassell citizens library privileges. This year a small group of people have put an anti-library measure on the August ballot, which typically receives the lowest turnout, in the hopes that those who support library funding will be too busy to vote. What this clearly tells us is that those who show up get to make the decisions.

The state League of Women Voters and your local Copper Country chapter support basic and stable funding for public libraries to insure basic services to all state residents. Currently, the Portage Lake District Library funding sources include local taxes from Chassell Township, Portage Township and the city of Houghton. The August 2 Chassell ballot proposal, if passed, will terminate library funding from Chassell Township and negatively impact Chassell citizens as well as the library’s ability to insure basic services to all residents. Vote “No” August 2.

Rhianna Williams

Lake Linden