HEET still has resources to help

To the editor:

The Houghton Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) is making progress helping Houghton County save energy, but it wouldn’t happen without the help of some amazing people and organizations.

HEET was in a difficult situation last fall. We had been approved to host a team of eight AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers to the area to winterize houses-but we’d had no luck in finding a place to house them.

Thanks to an editorial in the Daily Mining Gazette, Carol Plichta reached out to us on behalf of Grace United Methodist Church, and for the last six weeks the AmeriCorps volunteers have had a very nice place to stay-the church. Michigan Technological University’s Student Development Complex completed the package by providing a place for them to shower-and access to the rest of their facilities. Thank you, Grace United Methodist Church and the SDC, for putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Another shout-out goes to 5th & Elm Coffee House for not only giving all the volunteers a box lunch one day, but also letting them stop in from time to time and get whatever they wanted.

Residents from all over have shown outstanding hospitality by inviting them to potlucks and barbecues and offering to treat them to all kinds of events. True to form for our area, the volunteers couldn’t keep up with all of the events and offers-they are flat-out whipped. Winterizing homes can be extremely exhausting. But the team has kicked it, and now they have improved the energy efficiency of 28 houses and municipal buildings, keeping people in the area warmer and saving them money.

Lastly, HEET had about $10,000 for materials to winterize Houghton County houses in this year, and we still have a whopping $6,000 left. So, if you would like help winterizing your home, please contact me (melissa@newpowertour.com or 906-281-5986) before the Georgetown University Energy Prize ends this December. HEET will bring the tools and equipment and show you how to tighten up your house. You’d be surprised how easy it is, you’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable you are, and if you’re income-qualified, we’ll pay for the materials…but you’ll have to put in sweat equity.

Melissa Davis