Plan would kill Quincy business

To the editor:

If anyone travels through Hancock, they are affected by the road construction. The people that live in Hancock are affected by it every day. The worst part of the construction is the two-way traffic on Hancock Street, which is part of the Hancock master plan. I commute every single day to work, and sometimes the traffic is backed up all the way past the tire shop around the corner. And then I wait for the stoplight to go through five or six cycles.

There is a proposition right now to keep Hancock Street the way it is. It is an absolute disaster. It will kill all of the businesses on Quincy Street. Average business is down fifty percent and has not improved since they opened three blocks of Quincy Street.

Why would we spend all this money to beatify Quincy Street and then reroute the traffic permanently? The reasoning behind the master plan does not make any sense. The planning committee never informed the local businesses on the master plan. Almost everyone I talk to thinks keeping Hancock Street a two-way is an extremely bad idea. It will drive many businesses out of Hancock, and Quincy Street will be more of a ghost town.

Dale Freeman



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