Using positions for personal gain

To the editor:

In the mid-1700s, Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

Hillary’s list of lying and indiscretions keeps growing. When Bill headed the White House, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over health-care reform. He also let her choose Janet Reno as Attorney General. Remember Waco and the tanks, killing of women and children and burning the Branch Davidian compound? How about travelgate, filegate and the Bill’s bimbo eruption? Although not totally inclusive, that list of Hillary fabrications goes on to include :

1. grandparents were all immigrants (only one was an immigrant)

2. sniper fire (video shows Hillary’s arrival in Bosnia to be very calm)

3. said she was named for Sir Edmond Hillary, one of the first men to climb Mt. Everest (he made this climb when Hillary was 6 years old)

4. turned down by Marines in 1975 (whether a feminist test regarding military recruitment or not, still untruthful)

5. secret e-mails … claiming she followed proper protocol (federal Judge Emmet Sulllivan disagreed)

6. Benghazi, Hillary’s most reprehensible lie, claiming a video incited violence instead of terrorism. Why? Admitting a terrorist attack occurred on 9/11 (which it did) would have hurt Obama’s re-election chances.

So now we have the team of Slick Willie and Lying Hillary hoping to lead America? Haven’t we had enough of Obama’s style of leading from behind?

Hill and Bill the truth deny

They both tell lie after lie.

Never close to dead broke

Next election’s no joke

Vote for Trump or kiss freedom goodbye.

Think about the consequences of bad leadership. For example, Saul was Israel’s first king circa 1046 BC. Yet he became overcome with jealousy of his son-in-law David which ultimately drove him mad.

Even great King Solomon, choosing wisdom and justice over wealth, power and longevity eventually got caught up in worldliness (1 Kings 11:6).

The Bible exposes numerous mistakes made by influential people. This is important for teaching moral character. Read the Bible daily to learn more.

And what about the Clintons’ multimillion-dollar charity, aka the “pay to play” Clinton Foundation, which reeks of conflicts of interest to buying political favors? Bottom line: Leaders should not use their positions for personal aggrandizement.

Marilyn Sager



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