Get informed with Voters Guide

To the editor:

The Copper League of Women Voters will once again be producing a Voter Guide prior to the upcoming general election. It will be published in the Daily Mining Gazette on Tuesday, Oct.18, three weeks prior to Election Day. Questionnaires have been sent out to candidates who have qualified to appear on the ballot or who are committed write-in candidates for local offices, including 183 candidates in Houghton County and 53 in Keweenaw County.

Candidates have been given until Sept. 22 to complete and return their questionnaires.

The last time the League did a Voter Guide, in 2014, the results were disappointing because many of our local candidates chose not to participate by failing to complete and return their questionnaires. I am hoping this won’t happen again.

The Voter Guide provides local voters with a clear and concise way to assess candidates by comparing their stances on issues of importance to voters in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties. I applaud the League for taking on this huge job once again and I encourage all our local candidates to share their opinions with the voters by responding to the Voter Guide questionnaire.

An educated electorate is crucial to our democracy. The CCLWV is doing their part. Now I hope candidates will do likewise.

Jill Burkland