Heartfelt act of kindness

To the editor:

Every once in a while someone comes along and truly brightens your heart, your day and your whole world around you. This is what happened to us on June 20.

While Peggy, Sarah and I were having our lunch, our waitress came over and handed a hand-written note to us. This note had been written by a customer at the same restaurant we were at.

The note honored the fact of how well we work with our customers, even when they get upset for one reason or another. And Shelia was trying to brighten our day by her act of kindness.

Ya see, Shelia treated the three of us to our lunch without letting us know until she had gone from the restaurant, and the note was written and handed to us.

In closing, we say to Shelia, may the blessing you gave us be returned to you tenfold, and you certainly did brighten our whole day and our world.

Thank you for your kindness from the bottom of our hearts, Peggy, Sarah and Mary B.

Mary McMahan