Muslims threaten to take over US

To the editor:

One of the most serious threats America faces is to be taken over by Muslims who what to kill us. Hillary Clinton wants to bring in thousands of Muslims when there is no way to vet them. Donald Trump wants to stop anyone from coming here from Muslim countries.

* Clinton plans to continue President Obama’s plans to defeat Isis, which is not working. Trump will defeat them – wipe them off the face of this planet.

* Clinton is against the pipeline. Trump will open up all energy sources.

* Clinton wants to raise your taxes. Trump is planning the biggest tax decrease in history.

* Clinton like regulations. Trump will wipe them out.

* Clinton is supported by your teachers union. Trump will improve education for everyone.

* Clinton wants more money for abortion. Trump is pro-life and does not think government should support abortion.

* Clinton thinks deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed. Trump has pledged to protect religious freedom.

* Clinton would appoint Supreme Court judges. who would change this country forever. They would be judges who believe in abortion, gay life style, against guns rights and for hate speech. In Sweden pastors can not preach from the Bible about homosexuals. It is hate speech.

* Clinton loves control and regulations. Trump will get rid of them.

* Clinton will keep Obamacare. Trump will abolish it. He has Dr. Ben Carson working on it now.

* Clinton was in on the Iran Disaster Agreement. That should be enough for you to say enough is enough. We can’t take any more deals like that one.

* Clinton wants to reduce the military spending. Trump will build back our military. Praise God. He wants peace through strength.

You have a choice to make. It is probably the most important vote you’ll ever cast. It is all about the Supreme Court. Once it is liberal, America will never recover. It is that serious. Do two things. Vote for Trump and pray for this country.

Lois Jean Dahlquist



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