Headline tainted Winter Carnival

To the editor:

The moment I saw and read the recent article with the “Pre-Carnival Drug Bust” headline, I began shaking my head.

I could not believe that any reputable newspaper, and/or editor, would include the word “Pre-Carnival” in the headline.  It was totally unnecessary, and served only to implicitly taint the Winter Carnival activities.

Since moving to Ontonagon last year, I have been buying the Daily Gazette, and the Ironwood Daily Globe each day to stayed informed about area news and events.  Sadly, this is not the first time the Gazette has used misleading or inaccurate headlines that tend to sensationalize stories which, upon reading, are often very different than the headlines suggest.

As the retired owner/publisher/editor of an 8,000 circulation monthly newspaper in northern Wisconsin, I strongly encourage the Daily Mining Gazette to do a better job of creating headlines that are accurate and objective, and do not lead readers to form an opinion without reading the story, as is often the case.

Alan Ralph