Monsters will destroy view

To the editor:

My name is Carole Kezele Collins, and I live in Galien. Michigan. I was, however, born and raised in Mohawk, and although it is many years since I moved, I am still a taxpayer in Keweenaw County. I would like to comment on the proposed power grid to be installed in what I know as the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. Has anyone asked what kind of power grid they want? Will this be a wind farm? Have any of you ever seen one? I have driven through the farmlands of middle and southern Illinois, where you will drive for miles and see these windmills one after another and they are ugly monstrosities!

I just cannot imagine what it would be like to be on Mountain Drive and look down and see these monsters destroying the beautiful view that we all know is there. I don’t know what all is being told to everyone, but there is an expression “beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Will this grid interfere with the migration of birds? Bees are disappearing, too.

I just hope that those involved in this sale are asking the right questions and think long and hard on what they are doing. Thank you for listening.


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