Smart meters make people sick

To the editor:

Most people won’t see or feel the smart meter radiation but it is still harming you and yours. Smart electric meters broadcast at a frequency that is incompatible with your body’s frequency and transmit 9,600 to 190,000 times a day spewing microwave radiation 24/7 and creating dirty electricity (power quality issues) throughout your entire house not just in the room or behind the wall where the meter is attached.

Smart meters chatter searching for smart appliances and other meters to transmit information to collector boxes which sends data to other collector boxes and then to the company. The Michigan opt out does not stop the meter chattering nor stop your neighbors radiation from traveling to the collector boxes thru your meter. You will be getting much more radiation than what one irradiating meter transmits. See smartmetereducationnetwork.com. for graphs of this smart meter travesty.

“Blood Work Confirms Adverse Health Effects Following Smart Meter Installation.” Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt: “In families where one spouse is feeling ill but not the other, lab tests reveal a decline in health is still occurring in both. The cells are quite literally degrading, deforming, and coming apart.”

Link: Mercola Health Newsletter Archive: click 2017 click 08 click 05

Title: “Must-See documentary Reveals Dangers of Smart Meters.”

Triple health threats coming: the gas, electric and water suppliers are installing smart meters across Michigan. While living downstate it took months to figure out what was causing my health issues. . .two transmitting water meters and a digital electric meter.

Rashes, ringing in your ears, insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, nosebleeds, brain fog, vision problems, high blood pressure, blood-sugar spikes, fatigue, irritability, anger, extreme anxiety, jaw problems and clenching, balance problems, tremors and shaking as well as memory and attentions problems, dementia behaviors and stroke-like symptoms are attributed to smart meters because symptoms disappear when living without a smart meter.

People with pacemakers, arrhythmia, chronic health conditions, neurological disorders, cancer, seizure disorders, metal implants, TBIs, and traumatic brain injuries should not be exposed to smart meters according to “A Ticking Time Bomb” from Smart Meter Education Network.

David Sheldon, Director, MichiganStopSmartMeters.com has lived 2-1/2 years without electricity rather than accept a smart meter. His presentation at the Portage Library June 28th 6:30 P.M. Unfolding Disaster Smart Electric Utility Meters An Assault on our Privacy, Our Property Rights and Our Health.


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