Actions mirror dictators of past

To the editor:

Mr. Sprietzer must be a hammer, as he hit the nail on the head in the Monday 7/30/18 DMG letter to the editor. In addition to his observations about Trump; I will add some of my own.

Trump is the most undeserving person to hold the highest office of the land. In my near six decades of existence here, I have never seen such a con-man, pathological liar, narcissistic, law breaking, self serving, greedy, xenophobic, and all-around ignoramus to be in the White House.

He made campaign promises that made no sense and were near unachievable. He tries to force actions, though, that usually fail; yet instead of admitting defeat and bowing down gracefully, he will stupidly attempt pushing them along.

He sees himself as this country’s savior. His actions have the stench of past dictators or fascists leaders. He desires to quash the press and media citing “fake news.”

What he calls “draining the swamp” has led to the most corrupt cabinet and administration ever.

He has a loyal base of followers, who like a bunch of lemmings would follow Trump over a high cliff to their demise. I hope the Special Prosecutor and the FBI can take him down. If the GOP Majority House won’t initiate impeachment; then it is time to vote in a majority of Democrats that will.