We are so lucky to have Trump

To the editor:

Folks, we should be so grateful to have Donald Trump running this country. He is willing to spend his retirement working for us instead of playing golf. Did you know that he is a very accomplished golfer? He has won tournaments. He could be playing his own courses. He is a billionaire with a B. Do you think he needs this garbage Democrats are throwing at him? So how good is he at business?

Since I am a former figure skater, I’ve been fascinated by the story about the Central Park Waltman Ice Rink in his book “The Art Of The Deal.” This rink was built in 1950 and closed for renovation in 1980. The work was scheduled to take two years Six years and $13 million later, it was a mess with broken pipes and cracks in the concrete. They found one side was 11 inches below the other. They could not make ice. Donald Trump is not a skater but offered to spend his own money to fix it. You would think that the city would jump at that deal. But no, he had to fight to get the job.

He gave himself six months to build a new rink over the old and $3 million. He hired the best contractors he could find from Canada and some who had built for him. They opened the rink in less than six months and under budget, saving $750,000. This rink is outdoors, refrigerated, and one of the largest.

Just think, he works for you and me and our grandchildren. How lucky are we?