Roller Girls show disrespect

To the editor:

As I sit with my coffee this morning (Sept. 11), I am even more saddened by the actions of the entire Keweenaw Roller Girls team. On Saturday night they decided to all disrespect our flag and country by taking a knee during the national anthem. I have no idea what their reason was and frankly don’t care. I believe you don’t disrespect your mother and similarly you don’t disrespect your country. Period.

I realize they have their right to promote their “cause,” whatever that is. I suggest they listen to the words of the entire anthem. Respect true sacrifice.

I think their actions were very shortsighted and have no place in a publicly supported forum such as the Dee.

I am also angry that I paid admission to an entertainment event where I was forced to observe their little demonstration. They should have done their protest for whatever outside the doors so that the customers could decide if they wanted to pay to attend.

Personally I left immediately and wouldn’t have been there in the first place if I had known the “entertainment” would begin like it did.