Criminals cost taxpayers money

To the editor:

I voted “hell no” on the new jail.

Criminals do not pay for jails. Criminals cost taxpayers money.
Why should the criminals get a new house to live in?

The cost is $234,000 per bed: $11 million divided by the 47 new beds for those criminals. Why should hard working taxpaying renters and property owners give their hard-earned tax money to provide a new house for the criminals so that they can sleep in a new bedroom?

Criminals do not pay for jails.
Common sense tells me that criminals should be kept in a place that they never want to go back to, not a luxury palace that costs more than my house.

The cost will continue to increase every year and will be added to your rent and property taxes … just like the tax bill for the last jail. It will never be paid off.

Are you willing to give a $100 more of your hard-earned money every year for the rest of your life so that the criminals can have a new house?
Hell no.

John Kerttu